What would you do with a whole extra room in your home? At Skyline in Santa Clarita, our new homes feature modern, flexible floor plans so you can set up the space of your dreams – including a bonus room. Not only are bonus rooms great for extra bedrooms, hobby rooms or home offices, they also add another spot in your home for movie nights, play dates, homework areas and so much more. Here are five fun ways to use your bonus room.

1. Craft Room or Etsy Shop Headquarters 
Are you a crafter and wish you had more space? Ready to take your hobby to the next level and sell your creations online? Make your dream a reality with your very own craft room. Bonus rooms make the perfect spot for crafting and creating. Large windows offer plenty of natural light for better visibility as you work on detailed projects, and there’s enough space for a large workstation and storage for all your supplies.

A bonus room is used as a yoga studio.

2. Yoga Studio or Zen Room
When you really need a break, it can help to go into a separate space in your home that’s dedicated to relaxing. Why not turn your bonus room into a peaceful space such as a yoga studio or Zen room? Create a cozy sitting area with a sofa or extra-large cushions, and be sure to leave space in the center of the room for your yoga mat. Add some mood-boosting indoor plants, an essential oil diffuser and a speaker for playing relaxing tunes, and you’re on your way to recharging in style.

A bonus loft space is used as a media room.

3. Game Room
Nowadays when you say gaming, you probably mean more “virtual reality” and less “Dungeons and Dragons.” Whether you have young gamers in your family or are the gamer in your family, bonus rooms offer a space to go all out. There’s room in here for all of it – the large double monitors, the deluxe gaming chair, the big desk. And when you’re not playing online, the bonus room can also double as a space for watching movies or playing board games.

4. Music Room
Got a musician or music lover in the family? Give them a space of their own to display their record collection or music memorabilia, practice their instruments or just relax and listen to their favorite tunes.

A bonus room is used as a kids' homework space.

5. Kids’ Homework Area 
Having a dedicated homework area definitely beats having the kids’ homework and school projects piled up all over the kitchen (and any other part of your home, for that matter). With flexible space that can easily be changed up, a bonus room offers an ideal area for distance learning now or after-school projects later.

More flexibility in the design of your home means you can be better positioned to take on whatever comes next in life. Ready to design your dream bonus room? Learn more about how living in a new home at Skyline can help you stay flexible and make your home exactly what you need it to be, now and in the future.

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