This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Try celebrating with these seven activities you can do in honor of Earth Day while staying at home. These family-friendly, earth-focused activities can be enjoyed indoors or outside. Pick a new idea every day and make it an Earth Week instead of just one day.

Scavenger Hunt
One fun activity you can enjoy from the comfort of home is a scavenger hunt. Design your family’s scavenger hunt to include a list of earth-friendly actions such as putting a recyclable item in the recycling bin, sketching two spring flowers or collecting three rocks of different shapes. Create your own rules and see what you discover in your own backyard.

Rock Painting
Who needs a canvas when you can paint rocks? Collect a few rocks from your yard or neighborhood and have the kids paint their three favorite things about the earth on them. Perhaps a favorite tree, flower or nature activity they enjoy doing. Display them in your front yard for your neighbors to admire when they walk by.

Chalk Art
Whether on a sidewalk or in your driveway, challenge family members to draw earth-related images – clouds, rivers, mountains – or write sustainable living tips for everyone in your neighborhood to see. And then try one of these learning activities with chalk. You can even make your own chalk!

DIY Bird Feeder
To make an eco-friendly and natural citrus bird feeder, use a hollowed-out orange or lemon half and hang it with baker’s twine or string. Mix some bird seeds with a tablespoon of all-natural peanut butter. Then, fill the little citrus cups and tie them on a tree branch or your covered porch, and watch the birds flock to your home for a feast.

I Spy: Neighborhood Walk Edition Play a game of I Spy during your neighborhood walk. Make it Earth Day-themed by only spying items that are a natural part of the earth. Take turns choosing objects within sight of all the walkers. “I spy with my little eye … something white and fluffy.” What could it be?

Tin Can Planters
Tin cans make great recycled planters. So, give your soup or vegetable cans a second life by making these fun tin can planters with the kids. Sprinkle some seeds and watch them grow, or repot a plant you already have. Maybe start with herbs you can use when you cook.

Earth Day Daily Challenge
Take the Earth Day Daily Challenge, which consists of twenty-two ideas to celebrate Earth Day all month, and do your part to help protect the earth – even while staying at home. Then, on April 22, tune in with your family to see the world’s largest civic event unfold digitally. For the first time since it started in 1970, Earth Day is going live with an online broadcast!


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