We’re guessing you might be itching to remedy a case of cabin fever and get outside. Fortunately, homes at Skyline have their own built-in outdoor recreation centers – the backyard! Here is a collection of fun ideas to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, and put those patios, yards and gardens to use mastering new skills, creating new memories and simply relaxing.

Soak It Up
Everyone who had a slip n’ slide as a kid, raise your hand. Us, too! When used responsibly, they’re still just as fun (maybe even more so) as a parent. Buy yours, or go DIY and make your own. Here are instructions on building a ginormous one, and here are some additional ideas to soak up the rays while getting soaked:
● Make this crazy cool water blob.
● Imagine a game of piñata, but with big water balloons. You could even put a waterproof prize inside the balloons!
● Two words: Super Soaker.
● Can't go to the beach? Bring the beach to you! Get sand delivered and create your very own oasis. SM Sales and Sand Building Materials are a couple of nearby resources. Grab the beach chairs and toys, add some tiki torches and get the blender ready.

Skamping (Skyline Camping)
There’s probably no better way to experience a connection to nature than sleeping on the ground under the stars. We suggest getting an early start to the day when setting up your campsite – laying the groundwork, pitching the tent, planning an outdoor menu and gathering sleeping and reading materials. Consider these fun tips:
● Start with a nature walk. The paseos and trails at Skyline are the perfect way to put everyone in an adventurous mindset.
● Take advantage of Skyline’s outdoor kitchens and grills. Here’s a great recipe for grilled pizza. And don’t forget the s’mores!
● And while we don’t advocate any screen time inside the campsite, parents can use the Sky Guide app as an opportunity to learn and share the wonders of the night sky.

Get Your Game On
“Backyard games” has a nice summertime ring to it, don’t you think? Whether you buy or build them, these are guaranteed opportunities for challenging fun and family hijinks. Creativity counts! Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing:
● Test your balance and concentration with a Stump Jump, creating a path of cut logs in varying heights along the ground.
● Contact a tree trimmer to see if they’ll donate scraps, or cut them yourself in heights ranging from 2” to 14” high. Space the stumps far enough apart to challenge kids and/or adults.
● Go big! Make a huge set of lawn dominoes or giant Jenga.
● Twister anyone? Take it outside by making your own lawn version.

Regardless of your skill or age level, the opportunity for epic backyard escapes is a part of living life wide open at Skyline.

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