Spending more time at home with the kids can be an opportunity to foster imagination and resilience in the face of a challenge. These are excellent life skills for children to take with them through their entire lives, and you can all have fun while you practice. Check out these entertaining ideas for activities you and your kids can do together at home.

Shining Stars
Learning how to be poised and relaxed in front of groups instills confidence, and there are lots of entertaining ways to exercise this mental muscle. Now is a great time to take a free online dance class, and then have an epic dance-off in the living room. Or how about a YouTube karaoke sing-along? You can even make your own instruments, or use musical toys or real instruments, to rock out together in a family jam band. For the big finale, showcase what makes each person special and teach kids how to play to their strengths with a family talent show.

Live for the Drama
If you’ve got budding actors and directors at home, why not write and perform a livestream play? Or use a smartphone to film a short movie that you can post on social media for friends and family to watch? Since homes at Skyline come with HomeSmart® technology to keep you connected through Amazon Echo devices, it’s easy to share your talents from the comfort of home. For budding comedians, improv comedy games are fantastic for thinking on your feet while you’re laughing your head off. Plus, when the audience is made up of people they know and trust, even the shyest kids get the chance to shine.

Ready, Set, StART
Art projects are a standard indoor activity, so how about a new twist to engage the kids? Give each child a similar set of arts and crafts supplies, plus found objects from around the house. Then set a timer for them to create a masterpiece before the clock runs out. Display these stunning pieces in the windows of your home so neighbors and friends can see.

Use Your Words
Reading is usually a solo activity, but you can get everyone involved with a family book club. Choose a book to read aloud, then discuss it together with open-ended questions. Another fun idea is progressive storytime. Start off with the leader telling the first part of a story and ending their turn by saying  “When suddenly” to signal it’s time for the next person’s turn. Then pick up where they left off and add to the story in your own way! Other popular forms of storytelling are comics and graphic novels. If your crew can’t get enough of comic books, challenge everyone to create a superhero costume from scratch and then write an origin story for their characters. Your superpower is keeping the kids interested and happy at home!

Looking for a home with plenty of space to play? Homes at Skyline are open and spacious, with thoughtfully designed floor plans that keep everyone connected. Indoor/outdoor living areas bring the beauty of nature inside. And many homes come with the option of a bonus room, which can easily become a kids’ playroom, game room or flexible space for whatever you need it to be.

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