You don't have to wait for the stars to align to enjoy one of nature’s greatest miracles. Whether it’s the next meteor shower or a full moon, hosting a stargazing party makes for a fun night together with family and friends. And under the clear, dark skies, it’s easy to host from your backyard at Skyline's brand-new community. Take advantage of the following tips to help create an unforgettable night of stargazing.

Start Early

Begin the party in the late evening with finger foods and cosmic cocktails so everyone can come for the sunset and stay for the starry night show. Along with patio seating, you can set up pillows and outdoor blankets for the kids to lie down on and look up in wonder. Pillow forts are optional, but likely to happen.

Fun Astronomy Activities

You may have wide-eyed children asking many questions as they stargaze. Help them spot the different star clusters by printing out a constellation guide. For a fun and tasty treat, they can recreate these constellations with marshmallows and toothpicks.

If you have a heavy-duty telescope on hand and everyone’s waiting to take their turn, play space-themed trivia for a fun prize like glow sticks, or perhaps a freeze-dried snack like astronauts enjoy in space.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Direct your guests to different points of interest in the night sky with a laser pointer or five-cell flashlight.

But keep in mind the white light of flashlights prevents your pupils from dilating, making it more difficult to stargaze. Solve this conundrum with a little MacGyvering. Help make sure everyone's eyes stay adjusted to the dark by applying red cellophane to the front of any flashlight lenses. The red light helps to open up your pupils and keep them dilated, allowing your eyes to take in more light, and make the stars appear brighter.

You can also host a stargazing party at The Lookout, Skyline’s action-packed amenity center. Enjoy the afternoon grilling on The Lookout’s outdoor deck while the kids swim and have a ball at the playscape. Then sit back on a lounger and catch the moonlit sky poolside, or grab a picnic blanket and lay out on the lawn area.

And spread throughout Skyline’s paseos and trails are telescopes which can help you get that much closer to a shooting star. So if there’s a young Galileo in your household, they can scope out the constellations through unobstructed sightlines on more than 1,600 acres of open space at Skyline.

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